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Having an animal vaccinations program in place with your veterinarian is important for the health and safety of your pet. Vaccinations are a proven way of preventative healthcare for your furry companion. For example, if your puppy or kitten is not given de-worming medicine, he or she will more than likely develop intestinal worms or parasites. (That’s why we give them a de-wormer, right?)

Well, the same goes for other vaccinations that are required by any animal boarding or grooming facility. The animal vaccinations protect yours and other animals from spreading potential diseases that could lead to more serious health conditions. In turn, costing more money in veterinarian care to get your animal healthy again.

When you have your pets vaccinated at Zorn Animal Clinic, you can be assured the vaccines have been stored and handled properly. Some animal vaccinations require refrigeration; otherwise they could lose their effectiveness. That’s why we handle every shipment with care and diligence.

There are a series of vaccinations for all dogs and cats when you first take ownership. Regardless of whether you have a puppy, kitten, or grown animal, they need to be kept current on all their shots and vaccinations. Heaven forbid something happened and your beloved pet gets into a scuffle with another animal, you can rest easy knowing your animal is protected.

Our experienced professionals know exactly what you need, all the while providing animal vaccinations that are affordable for you. If you have specific questions, please call us; we’re happy to talk with you!

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