Dog Ticks

It’s that time of year where the grass is tall and the weather is warm enough to keep any and all ticks alive and well. In fact, they nest and wait for their next unsuspecting victim. That victim is most likely going to be your dog or cat, however, they could attach themselves to you as well. Dog ticks are important to get rid of because they can cause serious illness within your canine, which in turn could spread to you and your family.

Lime disease is the most common illness determined as the result of a tick bite. Dogs are the perfect host for ticks because they are warm, furry and love to roll around in the grass or dirt. The main areas of attachment for dog ticks are, the ears (inside), their legs, under their arms (the warm, crevis part), between their paws, their neck (around the collar area), and down deep in their fur. Pretty much the warmest parts on your dog are where you will most likely find that pesky tick!

There are preventative measures you can take, however to keep your furry companion free of dog ticks. With the newest scientific research and developments of flea and tick solutions, there are monthly topical solutions you can apply to your canine to keep ticks from even wanting to use them as a host. Often times, you can get your tick medication all in one with flea and worm prevention as well.

Dr. Zorn believes in keeping all animals happy, healthy and pest free. That’s why we carry a large stock of topical solutions, shampoos and chewable tablets to keep those dog ticks away.