dog worms

Dog worms are a common and potentially dangerous condition for dogs of all ages and breeds, but dog worms are particularly prominent within puppies. There are many types of dog worms, such as tapeworm, hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm. The good news is that these internal parasites can be treated with regular medications given as either a topical solution or a chewable tablet.

Additionally, there are other things we can do as pet owners to eliminate the risk of these unwanted parasites. Scheduling an initial visit with us when you first take ownership of your new puppy or dog is a great first step. This will allow us to do the appropriate testing to see if he or she is carrying any type of internal parasites.

If your puppy or dog ends up being a carrier of any type of dog worms, we are able to provide them with an initial treatment, followed by additional treatments to be administered at home on a monthly basis. This will help reduce the chances of the worms coming back.

Other preventative measures you can take to lessen the chances of your dog contracting dog worms include:

  1. Ensuring the area in which your dog relieves themselves is cleaned up and free of animal waste
  2. Eliminating rw meat from your dog’s diet
  3. Keeping up on your dog’s monthly worm treatment

The health and well being of your dog is of the utmost importance to us here at Zorn Animal Clinic. That’s why we want to help guide you to the best method of parasite control and prevention available.

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