cat fleas

Cat fleas can be just as much of a burden and cause discomfort for your feline friend as they are for dogs. Whether you have an outdoor or indoor cat, you will want to quickly get the problem under control before an infestation occurs. Fleas can cause bothersome side effects not only for your furry friend, but for you and your household as well. Additionally, if left untreated, the problem could cause harm to your cat because the constant itching and scratching could create sores. In turn, the sores could become infected if not treated properly.

We want to help prevent any of this from happening! That is why Dr. Zorn and her staff have a variety of medicines to help get rid of cat fleas. Sometimes it might be hard to get to a larger city to purchase the flea medication you need right away. That’s why we maintain a stock of different treatments to help ease your feline of the discomfort right away – and save you a trip!

Did you know that fleas are able to survive year round on their host? This is even more of a reason to make sure your feline friend is given preventative medicine all year long. Some people believe it’s okay to give your cat the same flea topical solution as you do for your dog to cut on costs. However, cat and dog flea medications have different levels of specific chemicals that could actually do more harm to your cat than good. Please ask us any questions if you’re uncertain or would like a further explanation on this.

The treatments available for cat fleas these days are a lot easier to administer, more effective, and easier on the pocketbook than it used to be. Don’t let your furry friend be miserable. Come by our office to pick up your next dose of flea medication today!

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