cat & dog hair loss

Cat and dog hair loss can be attributed to many different factors that can mimic one another. Your canine or feline could be allergic to something within their environment, what they eat, or they could have an allergic reaction to a bug bite or parasite living on or inside of them.

For example, you might think your dog has ring worm because of the loss of hair around their eye, only to find out they have a particular dermatitis infection. This is easily treatable with medication and time. However, since there is not a sure-fire way to determine why this is happening over the phone, it is best to bring them in for us to have a closer look.

Cat and dog hair loss can also be caused by different stress factors. If your dog or cat is nervous about a change in lifestyle, new ownership, or adjusting to other animals, this could be the reason for their constant scratching and itching. This, in turn, will cause their hair to fall out. Not to worry though! We carry products that can help sooth them and promote a healthy coat and skin, should this be the cause.

Regardless of what the initial cause is for cat and dog hair loss, let us help develop a solution that will comfort and heal your four-legged family member. We don’t like to see any animal hurt or be uncomfortable just as much as you don’t like to see your pet suffer.

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