Cat Ticks

Ticks live and thrive mostly during the spring, summer and fall moths when they find unsuspecting hosts to feed on. This time frame covers most of the year, which is why it’s most important to protect your furry feline from cat ticks year round. Even if you have an indoor cat who never leaves your home, he or she can still be at risk of ticks if they come into contact with a dog or other host to the nasty parasites. 

What can happen if left untreated? The most common problem is contracting a serious illness from the bite of cat ticks, such as lime disease. Which in turn can spread illnesses to you and those who live in your household. If you have a cat who lives both indoors and outdoors, it is wise to inspect him or her before and after their, “Hunt”. The main search spots will be your cat’s neck (collar area), around and inside their ears, their legs and between their paws. But it’s good to do a thorough inspection of you kitty if you notice them scratching more than usual.

We do sell preventative treatments at Zorn Animal Clinic to keep your feline protected from cat ticks. The latest scientific developments allow your tick treatment to be combined with other parasite prevention at the same time. Often it’s a topical solution, but there are other methods of tick control that will work just the same. There are tick collars, shampoos and tablets you can give to your furry friend to keep them free of those pesky ticks.

If you’re unsure what you will need to keep your feline friend happy, healthy and parasite free, just call us; we’re happy to help.