Animal Surgery

Zorn Animal Clinic is well versed in caring for all small animals in need of regular check-ups, general pet care, and surgeries – scheduled or emergency. Since emergencies can happen anytime of the day or night, our veterinarians are available to perform emergency animal surgery if needed. Our clinic is fully equipped with the proper tools, equipment and space needed to perform any small animal surgery on site.

When thinking of animal surgery, some just think of spaying and neutering. However, there are a number of reasons your animal might need surgery. They could have eaten something they shouldn’t have and now they are not able to pass it through their system. Some animals might have other ailments that follow them. Whereas others might have broken bones due to an accident. Regardless of the reason why your animal needs surgery, our caring staff will make the transition easier for you and your animal.

Prior to surgery, our staff will discuss our policies and procedures of what to expect the day before, during and after. There may be some restrictions for your animal the night before their surgery or even after. That’s why it’s important to ask any questions if you have any uncertainties.

Some people wonder if their animal will feel pain after surgery. The answer to that question is yes, however, animals show pain differently and have a different pain tolerance than we do. There are a few pain medications available to help ease their pain and discomfort. Our veterinarians and staff will monitor your pet after the surgery to see how they respond once they come to.

The most important thing to know about Zorn Animal Clinic and animal surgery is that you and your furry companion will be treated with experienced, caring and gentle hands.